Transform photos & videos into cartoon, ink, or silky smooth art

𝗦𝗗𝙛𝙭 is a professional desktop software app specifically designed to apply beautiful and versatile filters to your photos and videos.

Style "A Scanner Darkly"

Inspired on the animated movies, this style renders a beautiful cartoon effect on photos and videos. You can tweak the number of colors, smoothness, edges, and various settings to tweak the result to your liking. Video rendering is coherent, free of noise or flickering.

Style "Miller's Ink" (SVG output)

This style gives a sharp output resembling ink drawings. It's vectorized so the edges are pure and sharp, and the output can be exported as PNG raster or SVG vector. Tweak the threshold to achieve the perfect output.

Style "Silk"

Silk provides a GPU-based (read: fast!) smoothing filter that renders beautifully clean and smooth output. Tweak the smoothing, sharpness, and wash parameters to get just the right level you want on your photos or videos.

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𝗦𝗗𝙛𝙭 is currently available on MacOS. Look at the help section for FAQ and resources.

Easy and intuitive UI!

The app can be used in a very straightforward manner: just open (or drag and drop) your input image or video, then tweak the sliders until you find the selection you love. Save, and you're done!

Can edit videos too!

When opening video, you can play in realtime with the filters until you find the best settings.
Here's one frame using "Ink": Here's another frame from the same video, using "A Scanner Darkly": And finally here's another one using "Silk":
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